Robert M. Liner - Inspired Equine Education

       "The more you stop to observe and learn from horses, the healthier a philosophy of life you are likely to have." 
BY OFFERING A POSITIVE ENERGY TO HORSES, you'll learn how to redesign your horsemanship.
TO DEVELOP A DEEPER MEANING OF LIFE with horses so you can thoroughly understand what kinds of methods will help you and your horse feel engaged, enlightened, and inspired.
INSPIRED EQUINE EDUCATION focuses on peaceful resolution with troubled horses by evaluating equine emotional stability, horse and rider compatibility, nutritional balance, dental care, bit comfort, saddle position, and your riding purpose.  
"BY GUIDING YOU TOWARD YOUR RIDING PURPOSE you'll become more in tune during any riding activity.  If your riding activity isn't aligned with purpose you won't be inspired to work on it.  The things that will give your riding the greatest joy are those that are in alignment with a purpose."  
YOU CAN LIVE a meaningful life with horses by learning how to stay focused, confident, stress-free, and energized. 
INSPIRED EQUINE EDUCATION believes there is no need to struggle with a horse or with life.  "Creative solutions and results are often closer than you think.  I look forward to meeting and learning with you and your horse, and no matter what challenges we face, we will give it all we got, and if that doesn't work will take a break and go eat some great Tex-Mex and try it again tomorrow."  RML
ROBERT STRIVES TO BETTER each horse and rider he meets through his life-long passion for adding value to the horsemanship experience.  "If you are going to be successful with horses you have to give up the phrase, "I can't."  Choose to believe successful riding is possible.  I'll teach you how to see your horse for what he can be, and you and your horse can learn to be more effective together anywhere you choose to ride."
       "ARE YOU RIDING WELL BUT WANT TO RIDE BETTER? What type of horse do you want to have in your life?  What are you willing to do to achieve that? These are just a few of the questions that I will ask you before you ask them of your horse."
       "I bring my own value to this by what I know and my core competency, which is horsemanship education, I'm doing for the horse community what the horse community needs:  creating educated horses, riders, and inspiration." 
        - Robert M. Liner
BRING YOUR HORSE as soon as you can to an Inspired Riding Intensive and experience the real feel and development of the horse and rider connection, from the collaboration of compassionate ground movements to the inspiration and cooperation of intuitive riding methods that won't rip a whole in your horses psyche or your wallet.  **This is an intense educational format with a strong emphasis on physical/mental/emotional self-control, horsemanship safety and appropriate training methods involving footwork, thinking under pressure, rider awareness, and how to avoid the pit-falls of delusional self confidence.** 
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      To experience real riding success, enroll in an Inspired Equine Education course today.  Prices start at $45 for half hour lessons. 
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