Robert M. Liner - Inspired Equine Education
"When the student is ready the teacher will appear." 
This well-known phrase can be rewritten. 
"When the rider is ready the horse will appear."

Custom Horse Training and Development With Rider Education and Safety Tactics.
Available nationwide.
Email for prices and availability.

Custom Horse Training
6 months minimum (no exceptions)

Horse development
Includes Re-Training and Fine Tuning

Rider Transformation
Achieving feel, timing, and balance.
Courses enrolling now.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation
Rider Compatibility and Personality

Learn to Ride Inspired!

Put yourself and your horse on the list for spring and summer 2015!

All fees and services paid in advance.
Visa/MasterCard accepted.

I treat everyone and every horse
with kindness and fairness.

How I treat people and horses is a choice, a powerful conscious choice.  I will be patient with people and horses to better understand what battles they might be fighting. 
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